About Us

Reuse Arts and Crafts, located at 1824 San Pablo in Berkeley, opens its doors in 2020!
My name is Frida Godoy, and I am the owner and founder of Reuse Arts & Crafts. I am originally from Mexico City, and ever since I was a young girl, I have worked on designing arts and crafts using recyclable materials. From a young age, I was aware of the need to work with materials that could be recycled, to help us maintain a healthier environment. When the time came to migrate to the United States, I realized even more, how important it was to take advantage of the recycling systems and continue to work on making arts and functional crafts. I strongly believe that small actions can have great impacts on our society, and this is why I welcome everyone to do something to help our ecosystem, by donating recyclable materials and learning how to make arts and functional crafts out of them. Classes will be available soon!

I welcome you to visit our store and support our work to help us contribute to our planet and a better future for the new generations.

Donate Recyclables

We accept donations of recyclable materials that you may have in your home or place of business. Please call us to ask which type of materials we are accepting at this time!

Transform Materials

We use locally produced recyclable disposable materials to transform and design into beautiful pieces of art and useful and functional crafts for you.

Create Sustainable Products

Through our production process and weekly classes, we participate in developing a recycling culture in our communities as a way of keeping a sustainable economy for all of us.


Please fill out this form if you have any questions about our services and availability.

You can also reach us by calling (510) 967-3324

Recyclable Tomato Shells Art

Do you love to eat tomatoes? Do you love to recycle? Why not make some art with left-over tomato shells? Come to the Reuse For Art & Crafts store and learn how to make art from recycled, dried, tomato shells! In our 3-hour class with Frida, a local artist and owner of the Reuse for Art and Craft Store, you will learn the process of drying, dying, and using tomato shells to make art that will last a lifetime.

Please come and join us this Saturday, February 8, 2020 at 12pm-3pm at the Reuse For Arts & Crafts store located at 1824 San Pablo Ave, Berkley, CA 94702. Class is $75.



1824 San Pablo, CaBerkeley, CA 94702

Hours of Operation

10:00 am to 6:00 PM